After a 7-year absence, Yves Barbieux (Urban Trad, Les Déménageurs) returns to the stage with Polk Trio, proposing trad and Celtic music with a modern sound and a definite feelgood vibe.

Coming from out of the blue, in a suit and tie, Polk Trio is as surprising musically as it is visually pleasing.

Alongside Yves Barbieux, we find Jonathan De Neck (Diab Quintet, Les Déménageurs) on diatonic accordion and Steve Louvat (Louvat Bros) on banjo and guitar.

Accordion, banjo, flute, bagpipes: the three gentlemen blend Celtic music with bluegrass accents and contemporary sounds. 

They are accompanied by their clones on the big screen, which gives the show great musical diversity: finger drumming, percussion, piano, marimba...

Yves Barbieux's compositions feel like a party among friends: light, lively and sometimes moving.

Produced by Racines carrées asbl.